5 Best Zombie Games for iPhone

It’s no secret that zombie games are one of the most popular genres on the iPhone. And with Halloween just around the corner, what better time to take a look at some of the best undead-infested games available for your iOS device? Whether you’re looking for gore, scares, or just some good old-fashioned fun, these five zombie games are sure to satisfy your cravings. So break out your iPhone and get ready to blast some zombies!

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is arguably one of the most popular cable TV shows, captivating viewers with its ever-intensifying plots and complex characters. It’s no surprise, then, that the walking dead has spawned many related products-but none so exciting as the walking dead iphone game. This game allows players to truly interact with the characters and stories of the walking dead, delving deep into their minds and becoming part of the world on their droves. And though this walking dead game may be a far cry from the television show’s gripping story arcs, it brings to life the same intensity, tension, anxiety and ultimately self-discovery that make The Walking Dead so compelling in its own right.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is an incredibly popular game for iPhone users. It involves strategically arranging a variety of different plants to protect your house from a horde of zombies. You can fight off the zombies with things such as pea shooters, corn cannons, and melon pults. Plants Vs Zombies is filled with cartoon silliness, but there’s also plenty of challenge and strategy involved in overcoming each level. With its active gameplay and vibrant art style, Plants Vs Zombies has quickly become one of the most beloved games available for iPhones.

Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunship is one of the most popular zombie games for iOS, captivating gamers with its entertaining zombie-shooting action. Players guide their heavily-armed AC 130 gunship to snipe zombies while they are hiding down below. In the game, zombie infestations swirl around the landscape and each zombie killed rewards players with coins that can be used to buy upgrades for the aircraft and other weapons for zombie slaying. As the zombie threat progresses, new missions are added and zombie waves have become more difficult to take out. Immerse yourself in an amazing zombie-filled world as you play Zombie Gunship and enjoy this thrilling zombie gaming experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is a thrilling, action-packed first-person shooter game. It has a unique premise involving fighting off hordes of zombies in order to survive. Players can choose either solo or cooperative game play, allowing them to experience the zombie apocalypse with friends and family. The game also features multiple levels that provide increasing challenges as players progress through the storyline. It’s an intense yet rewarding adventure full of surprises and scares at every turn – perfect for fans of horror and adventure alike!

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 has been a fan-favorite iOS zombie game since the launch of iPhone zombie games. Offering a unique blend of action, horror and exploration, the title has captivated gamers for over a decade and spawned numerous sequels. While the graphics may not compare to today’s iOS offerings, there is plenty to love about this classic experience including its engrossing story line, deep mechanics and sprawling level design. From the challenging puzzles to overwhelming hordes of zombies, Resident Evil 4 offers iOS gamers everything they could want in an action zombie survival title.

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