The Best Android Zombie Games of 2021

2021 has already been an exciting year for the mobile gaming world, with a huge surge in the popularity of zombie-themed games. Whether you’re looking for an immersive story-driven experience or intense action sequences, there’s something out there to satisfy any fan of the undead. Here are some of the best Android zombie games released this year that you won’t want to miss! First up is Earn To Die 2, a fast-paced shooter in which players must fight their way through hordes of zombies and other enemies in order to escape the apocalypse. Players control a vehicle equipped with guns, bombs, and other weapons to plow through increasingly difficult levels while upgrading it along the way. With its unique blend of vehicular combat and FPS gameplay, Earn To Die 2 is sure to provide plenty of heart-pounding thrills this year. Next is Into The Dead 2, a sequel to one of the most beloved zombie games ever made. You find yourself navigating a vast world filled with hordes or undead freaks and abominations as you progress further into the story. With tons of unlockable weapons available in weapon customization and upgrades players can customise their own missions as they go along – adding even more excitement and replay value for everyone who takes part in this thrilling adventure. For those feeling brave enough to face off against even more terrifying monsters then Dead Cities might be worth checking out. In this game you have to battle against mutated creatures by using your wits and weaponry as you try to make it through each level alive. It features stunning visuals complete with 3D elements that really bring an undead world to life; ensuring that no two playthroughs will ever feel exactly alike thanks to its procedurally generated worlds. Finally there’s Plague Inc., Evolve and Play with Zombies; a strategy based game where your goal is simple: infect everything on Earth with your virus! Choose from various mutations such as hot/cold resistance or enhanced speed before unleashing your virus on unsuspecting humans – making it one of the most satisfyingly twisted zombie games on Android this year! Each of these amazing titles promises hours upon hours worth entertainment whether you’re looking for something immersive or just aiming for plain old bloodthirsty fun this 2021. So if you’re still searching for something new in your gaming library then look no further than these top picks!